Why Online Therapy

Sometimes Online IS Better

Complete Privacy and Confidentiality

No one asks questions why you are leaving work or seeing your car in a specific parking lot

Free up valuable time

Ability to meet during the day to free up valuable time in the evening. By law, FMLA, you are able to take time for health care from your work schedule, we can even meet during your lunch

All couples can meet at the same time

Even when you are not physically in the same location everyone for the session will be given the same link to log-in at the same time

No need for childcare

We can meet while your child/children are in school, at daycare or during their nap time

Save travel time and money

With the rise in gas prices you can say no to drive time, traffic and wait times…there is no added travel expense

Living in a rural area

You are able to still get quality care! Instead of these massive online therapy companies that push you through therapist after therapist. Quality and personalized care gets better results

Weather in the Midwest

Weather is unpredictable and road conditions can be brutal. No need to worry about icy roads, snowstorms or adventuring out in the cold

It’s Effective

Studies show that just like in-person therapy, as long as the client remains an active participant in therapy you will see results – Seymour, Meg PHD (2022). Does Online Therapy Work?. National Center for Health Research. 

What do I need?

Internet/Wi-Fi, a computer or smart device, be in either the state of MN or SD…and 50 minutes of your time