Over the past month, I have been learning through continuing education courses on Gottman Method for couples. The course is mainly taught from Dr. John and Julie Gottman, which has been really fun to watch their relationship as they share their findings with research based evidence on conflict that couples have and how to work through these issues. These two definitely carry humor with one another along with admiration for each other. In which, they model what every couple should strive for. Below is the sum of their findings of how to work with couples using 9 basic components in The Sound Relationship House…

Gottman Relationship House

Each component couples can dive in deeper to a better understanding of one another and when there is a better understanding the goal can be achieved to have a stronger intimacy between the two. When I say intimacy, I do not mean ‘sex’, I mean a feeling of being emotionally connected, to be close to one another and feel supported.

Here are the 4 horsemen that can prevent intimacy from happening:

Gottman Four Horsemen

In learning the antidotes each individual within the relationship can help foster the growth of showing love, kindness, gentleness, appreciation, patience and peace….become connected!

Here is more information on the Gottman Method for Couples: https://www.gottman.com/about/the-gottman-method/